4 Floor

I–VII 08.00–22.00

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We will make sure that from now on you’ll change your approach to laundry matters!
More specifically – you’ll have your laundry clean quickly and comfortably.

Why should you trust us?

1. Because in the Speed Queen self-service laundry you can carry out things that you can’t do at home – wash large items that do not fit into household washing machines: double quilts, sleeping bags, double blankets, down jackets, etc. We have large capacity washing (18 kg) and drying (14 kg and 21 kg) machines.

2. Because in our laundry using a few washing machines simultaneously you may wash all your weekly laundry in some 1 hour.

3. Because in the Speed Queen laundry the washing cycle is much shorter than household washing machines’ cycle and shorter than you shopping time in the VCUP mall – 40-45 minutes.

4. Because in our laundromat in 20-30 minutes you may dry any amount of laundry.

5. Because you could use the Speed Queen laundry services daily from 8:00 to 22:00, and in the future until 24:00.

Welcome to our self-service laundry in the VCUP mall and other four our network launderettes!

First international self-service laundry chain


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