March 31, 2017

HOLIDAY DECORATIONS , by holidays planner Dianą Sugintienę.

Holiday decorations by holidays planner Dianą Sugintienę
Holiday decorations | Awakening nature, still above the rising sun again makes us enjoy life.And how many small fortune when on Easter table not only wonderful decoration, but also the sweet surprises, which were accumulated by … family rabbits. In the evening painted eggs announce that we are all at least a little bit of artists that began in the spring, returned to color and belief in miracles. And that feast is truly amazing holiday planner Diana Sugintienė offer it to decorate Easter symbols. Children’s table, which reigns in sweets, candy charm give palm trees, symbolizing the holy land of Jerusalem, and – how do without them – colorful lollipops and chocolate bunnies. Author of the idea – the artist Ligita Juknevičiūtė. Product of the shops:  : „Gėlės ir manufaktūra”, „Saldūs majai” , „Žana”.

Prekybos centras VCUP_stalo dekoravimas_Velykos_uogos

Prekybos centras VCUP_stalo dekoravimas_Velykos_saldainiai

Prekybos centras VCUP_stalo dekoravimas_Velykos_serveteles

Prekybos centras VCUP_stalo dekoravimas_Velykos_suvenyrai

Prekybos centras VCUP_stalo dekoravimas_Velykos_stalas


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