November 28, 2017

The Most Beautiful Christmas Gift for You

Rules for “The Most Beautiful Christmas Gift for You

  • Buy a gift voucher worth 50 Euros for a VCUP gift, get a gift voucher of 5 Eur for each Gift Certificate of the nominal value you can use in one of the VCUP cafes and restaurants.
  • In offers participates 15 Eur, 20 Eur, 30 Eur, 50 Eur and 100 Eur denomination, (5 Eur and 10 Eur denomination are not included). 15 Eur, 20 Eur, 30 Eur, 50 Eur and 100 Eur denominations gift certificates can be purchased at VCUP Information Center, Narvesen or Gera Gift Portal. Person acquired 4 pcs. x 15 Eur, 3 pcs. x 20 Eur, 2 pcs. x 30 Eur, 50 Eur or 100 Eur denomination gift certificate, has the right to receive a gift voucher of 5 Eur in the VCUP Information Center. A gift coupon of 5 Eur is valid only with the stamp of the VCUP Information Worker, which must state the date of receipt.
  • The 5 Eur Gift Coupon is only valid for VCUP cafes and restaurants: Charlie Pizza, La Crepe, Manami, Charlie Children, Chinese Pearl, Super Sushi, Vero Cafe, Huracan Coffe, , “Can Can Pizza”, “Manhattan”, “Džiugas”, “Subway”, “Old Cubic”, “Crustum”. The coupon is valid only for existing restaurants and cafes.
  • Gift voucher for a 5 Eur value does not apply to tobacco products, alcohol, weighing items, restaurant discount cards and discount products. Coupons are not valid for non-food items and discounts are not deductible.
  • The 5 Eur cafe / restaurant gift coupon is valid for 8 days from the date it was received. The gift coupon is not renewed.
  • The offers does not include Lyoness system partners.
  • A coffee / restaurant gift coupon is not valid in conjunction with other VCUP promotions and promotions offered by restaurants. And discounts on restaurants and cafes.
  • Cafe / Restaurant Gift Voucher is not valid for the “Dinner” offers.
  • When paying in a cafe / restaurant, only one gift certificate of 5 Eur can be used with one checkbook.
  • A coffee / restaurant coupon is not converted into cash or refundable.
  • After redeeming the item purchased using gift vouchers, the Buyer must reimburse the value of the gifts received by the restaurants at the VCUP Information Center.
  • The coupon must be served at the café / restaurant before ordering meals. One cafe / restaurant coupon can be paid only once, after which the coupon will be canceled.
  • If the gift voucher or cafe / restaurant coupon is damaged, i.e. more than half of it is dirty, missing or otherwise damaged, such a check or coupon can not be paid for goods and / or services, and such a coupon is unaltered and the money for it is not returned.
  • In VERO CAFE cafe for a 5 Eur coupon, VCUP can only pay for coffee. In case if the price of the chosen coffee drink is less than 5 Eur, the price difference from the coupon of 5 Eur is not reimbursed.
  • Offer valid till December 31, 2017
  • VCUP has the right to terminate the promotion or change the rules of the promotion at any time during the period.
  • VCUP Shop and Service Salon workers, VCUP Administration Personnel and employees of VCUP Managing Companies do not participate in the offer.




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