May 18, 2018

2 Caprissimo coffee packs for one price!

3rd floor

Offer rules

  1. Sale title – “Caprissimo 1+1“, buy one 1 kg “Caprissimo” coffee package and get another one for free.
  2. Sale takes place in VCUP, “Kavos Draugas” shop.
  3. Sale is open to all customers, who during the sale, comply with all of the rules.
  4. Sale lasts until 2018 June 1st.
  5. Offer is valid to any “Caprissimo” series coffee: Espresso, Fragrante, Professional or Belgique. Discount is applied to the item of the same value or lower.
  6. Promotions do not stack.
  7. People who participate in this sale, undertake their own risk to properly get acquainted with rules, and agree to comply with them, and as well agree to comply with organizers decisions taken by this sale.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms of the sale and undertakes a pre-notify it in the website
  9. Information about the sale is published in web page and by phone +370 273 1515
  10. If there is a discrepancy in web page and in other information, published rules of the sales, are valid only form the web page

Prekybos centras VCUP_Kavos_draugas_akcija_

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